Tribute series

The tribute series are based on the famous F style models. What I am looking for is bringing improvements while maintaining the vintage vibe. Handwound pickups make all the difference. All guitars come standard with Panucci pickups. If the sound is not to your liking, we can try something else (although this has never happened). I use the most stable vintage tuners that I can find. For the S types I use the vintage style patented tremolo system by Gotoh, with a stable and adjustable tremolo arm. The frets I use made by Jescar. Personally I prefer the EVO type. They stay good for long time. So you can maintain your sustain without the need for frequent fret re-leveling. Most of the body wood (swamp ash, alder, Coastal redwood) comes from the USA, where they have the lightest pieces. I use thin nitro lacquer for the best weather checking and the right vintage patina.

Prices (incl. VAT):

Tribute series start at €2995,00 (C-shape neck).


Heavy relics + €250,-
Other neck shapes + €100,-
Flamed maple + €100,-
Quarter sawn neck + €50,-
A colour over sunburst + €100,-
Sprayed headstock + €75,-
Bigsby + see retail prices
Cites certificate for rosewood* + €60,-

* rosewood cites certificate is recommended when you plan to travel with your guitar outside the EU

Contact me to discuss any other wishes.