Original series

The original series consist of my own designs with vintage inspired sauce. These are based on my own models that I have been making since the late ’90 until ’08. It’s gonna be whatever pops up in my mind. Different combinations of pickups, tremolos or not. It will be my canvas. The first one is the Wizard series, designed in collaboration with Vedran Mircetic, guitar player of De Staat.

Prices (incl. VAT):

Flat tops start at €2795,00. Carved tops start at €3295,00 for a plain top, or a gold top.

Heavy relics + €250,-
Flamed top + €100,-
Heavy flamed top + €200,-
Quarter sawn neck + €50,-
A colour over sunburst + €100,-
Bigsby + see retail prices
Cites certificate for rosewood* + €60,-

* rosewood cites certificate is recommended when you plan to travel with your guitar outside the EU

Contact me to discuss any other wishes.