Inspired series

The Inspired series are my variations on the G styled models with a carved top, flat top or semi solid. Trying to find the balance between vintage correctness and necessary upgrades to make a great and reliable instrument. With the pickups I am always aiming for a nice vintage inspired sound, trying to get rid of the muddy sound and going for the real vintage rock sound that made these guitars legendary.

For the ’59, I always use animal glues, fish or hide glue, as it has been proven that these glues are excellent for sound transmission and fully reversible. After many years of guitar repair, I decided on gluing my head stocks, which prevents breaking. For the hardware, I am also always looking for the best balance between vintage and durable.

Prices (incl. VAT):

Flat tops start at €1995,00. Carved tops start at €2695,00 for a plain top, or a gold top.

Flamed top + €100,-
Heavy flamed top + €200,-
Carved tops below 3700 gr. (8.2 lbs): + €100,-
Bigsby + see retail prices

Contact me to discuss any other wishes.