Inspired series

The Inspired series are my variations on the legendary set neck models with a carved top, flat top or semi solid. Trying to find the balance between vintage correctness and necessary upgrades to make a great and reliable instrument. With the pickups I am always aiming for a nice vintage inspired sound, trying to get rid of the muddy sound and going for the real vintage rock sound that made these guitars legendary.

For the ’59, I always use animal glues, fish or hide glue, as it has been proven that these glues are excellent for sound transmission and fully reversible. However, vegan glues are also an option. Headstock angle is 10 to prevent breaking and to ensure better tuning. For the hardware, I am also always looking for the best balance between vintage and durable.

Prices (incl. VAT):

Flat tops start at €3795,00. Carved tops start at €4495,00 for a plain top and African Mahogany body.

Every guitar is an individual. And individual characteristics will determine the final price tag of the guitar.

I build guitars and then they are available. I don’t do custom orders. However, you may send me what you have in mind and I’ll log your request. When a guitar comes up that roughly matches your wishes, I could give you a notice.

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